Java, PHP, C, Objective-C, Python - all hacked together.

HABHub iOS App

The first iOS app I have created. From 0 Objective-C knowledge to HABHub App in less than a month. Used for tracking balloon flights. Video preview can be seen here. There's also a workaround for delivering status updates banner style within the status bar - Apple doesn't like it, so it has to be enabled following approval.

HABE Flight Computer

Plenty of C and low-level wizardry. First flight computer was based around an Arduino Uno - all in all it was over 30cm long (including GPS + radio), today's flight computer is just over 3x3cm. Based on an ATMega328 chip running Arduino bootloader it provides a great low power platform for parsing GPS, packaging it up and beaming it back to earth. Additionally, a Raspberry Pi has been used successfully to send live in-flight photos back to earth using a Python script. Thanks to various members of UKHAS for help along the way!

Java Web Server & Client

HTTP/1.0 server and accompanying client written in Java as part of a year 2 Comp Sci module at Uni. Along with serving static files, executes some dynamic files (including PHP). Logging functionality.

HUKD Notification System

No more searching. The best deals delivered straight to your device. Harnessing Boxcar & PHP, this lightweight web app trawls through to ensure you do not miss out on the very best deals and glitches.


Created when I was 15, WDW4Brits aims to offer British people a guide to the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, US. Using Joomla CMS for the backbone - there are a few custom made extensions. No longer active

Top Secret Project

Pushing HTML & Javascript to the limit. Saving you money. Possibly coming soon.